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Available Position

Work Location: Gaston/Lincoln/Cleveland

FLSA Status: Exempt

Annual Salary Range:

Immediate Supervisor: Crisis/Guardianship Manager

Positions Supervised: None

Posting Date: 04/10/2020

Closing Date:
If no date specified, posting is continuous or until filled.

Essential Equipment Used:

Job Description:

Performance Expectations (Quality and Quantity):

  1. Provide the overall implementation, management, planning and coordination of a comprehensive Guardianship Representative Program for Phoenix Counseling Center and services as appropriate to the wards of Phoenix Counseling Center and their families. This process includes seeing the ward as frequently as is necessary to ensure the ward’s needs are being met, extensive case monitoring, supportive counseling, decision making regarding consumers personal welfare and financial resources. It is also required to have contact related to the ward no less than every 30 days. This can include telephone conversations with the ward and/or the ward’s family/caregivers to monitor ward’s activities as well as on-site visits with the ward’s caregivers when appropriate. In addition a face to face contact with each ward is required every 90 days. Develop annual plan of care for ward with treatment goals and progress updates. This will include an assessment and regular progress reports. Complete contact/progress notes on all wards.
  2. Willingly accepts the caseload assigned and works diligently to respond to the needs of the wards. Develops appropriate rapport with the wards to facilitate quality service delivery, such as employment issues, satisfaction and quality of life issues, determining the service needs of clients, including outpatient service, day programs, and other interventions. Demonstrates knowledge and interpretative abilities in the use of Phoenix Counseling Center’s administrative regulations, of codes, laws and statutes and of professionalism in handling cases.
  3. Exercises tact and diplomacy in maintaining effective work relationships with Phoenix Counseling Center staff. Demonstrates tact and diplomacy in working with consumers, consumer families, providers, and other external parties in responding to the needs of Phoenix Counseling Center’s wards.
  4. Monitors the physical, mental and emotional well being of Phoenix Counseling Center’s wards and advocates on their behalf. Participates in treatment team meetings and provides consultation on specialty issues; monitors the implementation of services to ensure wards needs are met; conducts face to face contact with ward; documents necessary information.
  5. Represents the Executive Director in Treatment Team meetings, within the Court System, with Medical Professionals, with Providers and other community stakeholders and represents factually and accurately the interests of the Executive Director
  6. Adheres to Phoenix Counseling Center Employee Ethics Statement
  7. Shall complete other duties as assigned by supervisor.
  8. Guardianship Representative Specialist I will maintain a caseload of 25-30. Guardianship Representative Specialist II will maintain a caseload of 35-40.

General Knowledge and Skills (will posses at time of employment or will be expected to learn upon employment):

This position requires a comprehensive knowledge of laws, regulations and policies which pertain to guardianship; a comprehensive knowledge of behavior management techniques and of a wide range of family and group dynamics and a wide range of intervention techniques; of governmental and private organizations and resources in the community; excellent judgment and initiative; absolute discretion; demonstrated ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines; demonstrated ability to work with significant independence of action; demonstrated ability to complete documentation timely and with accuracy; to complete and file clear and factual reports.

Guardianship Representative Specialist I
Education/Experience: High school or equivalent with a minimum of 3 years experience in the MH/SA/IDD field.

Guardianship Representative Specialist II
Education/Experience: Bachelors degree in a human services field with 2 years MH/SA/IDD experience or a bachelors degree in a non-human services field with 4 years MH/SA/IDD experience or an equivalent combination of education/experience.

Physical Requirements: This position normally requires the physical demands of standing, walking, bending, lifting, or performing other work requiring low physical exertion, talking, and hearing on a regular basis to perform the job requirements. These physical demands are required up to 80% of the time.

Additional Job Requirements

  1. Must have the ability to effectively hear and communicate with other employees, the public, and persons served.
  2. Being on-call by phone is required 24/7 (with arrangements made for vacation etc.)
  3. Must have reliable transportation, have and maintain driver’s license, and minimum/ adequate automobile insurance.
  4. Travel is required as part of this position
  5. Ability to operate telephone, fax machine, and computer hardware/software
  6. Must have the ability to write in a manner that is legible/readable/understandable
  7. Willingness to work in a high stress environment that is driven by team performance
  8. Obtain guardianship certification