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Available Position

Work Location: DSS (Work First and Family Visitation Center)

FLSA Status: exempt

Annual Salary Range:

Immediate Supervisor: Lead Worker, Gaston OP Unit

Positions Supervised: none

Posting Date: 11/14/2019

Closing Date: 11/19/2019
If no date specified, posting is continuous or until filled.

Essential Equipment Used:

Job Description:

Individuals may provide services to consumers with substance abuse and/or mental health disorders. Individuals must maintain certification and associate (provisional) licensure in substance abuse and/or mental health. Duties include, but are not limited to, completing screening/evaluations,  Person Centered Planning, arranging for needed services/supports, linking consumer to community resources and natural supports, providing psycho-educational group activities, group & individual counseling, life skills training, disease management, administering drug screens, and providing supervision to unlicensed professional staff.  The individual in this position will provide services to individuals through the Work First Program and the Family Visitation Center.

Performance Expectations

Shall demonstrate the ability to utilize knowledge/skill/judgment to provide treatment services that evidence quality, performance, and meet the needs of persons served, accrediting/licensing bodies, and purchasers of service. Performance tasks shall include:

  • Perform screening, evaluation, and development of the Person Centered Plan and document progress/lack of progress towards meeting goals/objectives specified in the PCP.
  • The individual in this position will specifically screen and asses clients referred by DSS from FNS, Work First, or CPS services. These clients will be seen on-site at DSS.
  • The individual in this position will specifically screen and assess clients at the Family Visitation Center for mental health and substance abuse disorders.
  • Individual/family counseling, process and psycho-educational groups that promote the development of knowledge and skills related to recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders.
  • The ability to effectively utilize clinical supervision to enhance professional growth and promote the recovery of persons served.
  • Purchaser of service requirements related to managed health care, i.e., authorizations.
  • Adhere to PCC Employee Code of Ethics

Shall maintain required documentation per agency policy and procedure. Performance tasks shall include:

  • Maintain accurate service and billing documentation that clearly communicates the service(s) provided. Documentation shall maintain compliance with PCC policy/ procedure, purchaser of service requirements (NC Division of MH/DD/SA, DMA/Medicaid, LME’s); and, accrediting/regulatory bodies (CARF and NC Statute/APSM rules).
  • Documentation and reporting will be grant/contract specific and mst be completed in accordance with with grant/contract requirements.
  • Any service and billing documentation must be submitted in a timely manner as specified by clinical manager.
  • Documentation specific to this position is required and must be completed and returned to medical records at Phoenix, within specified time frames.
  • Must meet productivity standards as specified by Clinical Manager.

Shall demonstrate the ability to assess the needs and coordinate services and resources for consumers and meet performance expectations that include:

  • Coordinate initial and ongoing assessment of consumer needs in the following domains (Psychiatric, Medical/Dental, Residential, Entitlements, Vocational, Financial, Social, Legal, Transportation, and ADL’s.)
  • Provide training to consumers to build recovery skills in daily living, work readiness, socialization, adaptation, etc.
  • Arrange for consumer to receive needed services in each of the above domains.
  • Monitor effectiveness of services on an ongoing basis.
  • Link consumers to community resources and natural supports.

Shall attend assigned training and continuing education to maintain credentialing and privileging, to include, but not limited to:

  • Must meet NC Credentialing standards as a Qualified Professional.
  • Attends individual, group and mandatory supervision/training as specified by Clinical Manager.
  • Specific training for special populations, Gender Specific, HIV, Adolescent, Dual-Diagnosis.

Shall demonstrate the ability to work/be a part of organizational and therapeutic teams, and maintain positive working relationships with consumers, community stakeholders, referral organizations, purchasers of service, and other employees/departments of PCC.  This position functions not only as part of the team at Phoenix counseling center, but also as part of the team at DSS. Therefore, coordination between sites, as well as development and maintenance of positive working relationships within those teams is an integral part of this position.

Shall complete other task as assigned by Clinical Manager.

General Knowledge & Skills:

General Knowledge of the dynamics of MH/DD/SA behavioral health disorders (BHD) and their impact upon persons served and their families; the bio/psycho/social factors involved in (BHD);  up-to-date principles/techniques (evidence based/best practices) of  crisis response, prevention, and intervention application to individuals possessing (BHD); the community resources available to persons with (BHD), to include behavioral health, social service, community services, and self-help groups; knowledge of  billing and service record documentation requirements (NC Division of MH/DD/SA ASAM/IPRS, DMA/Value Options, LME’s, and PCC policy/procedure.

General Skill in the application of needs assessment/prevention/intervention techniques that are considered as evidence based/best practices as defined by the NC Division of MH/DD/SA, and/or literature/research, and organizational policy/procedure; skill in the delivery of services; skill in establishing/maintaining effective therapeutic and professional relationships with persons served and/or their family members; behavioral health providers; and, skill in accurately documenting services provided and billed.

Required Qualifications:

MH/SA Clinician II

Master’s degree from a four-year college or university in a human services field; and two years of related experience with the MH/SA population.

Must possess a valid clinical licensure such as Associate (provisional) licensure such as LCSW-A, LCAS-A, LPC-A, LMFT-A, etc

MH/SA Clinician III

Master’s degree from a four-year college or university in a human services field; and two years of related

experience with the MH/SA population.

Must possess a valid clinical licensure LCSW, LCAS, LPC, LMFT, etc (preference will be given to LCSW and/or LCAS due to  need for IVC requirements)

Additional Job Requirements:

Must have reliable transportation, maintain valid NC driver’s license, and maintain adequate automobile insurance.

Must have the ability to operate telephone, fax machine, and computer hardware/software

Must have the ability to effectively hear and communicate. Travel is required as part of this position and use of personal vehicle.

Individuals in this position may be required to work weekends based on the needs of the agency and as specified by Clinical Manager.

Occasional lifting/moving of at least 25 pounds.