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Available Position

Work Location: Shelby & Gaston OP Units/Gaylain’s House

FLSA Status: Exempt

Annual Salary Range:

Immediate Supervisor: Becky Jones, MSW, LCSW, LCAS

Positions Supervised: Gaston/Cleveland PH Staff

Posting Date:

Closing Date:
If no date specified, posting is continuous or until filled.

Essential Equipment Used:

  1. Computer: A working knowledge of database
  2. Vehicle: The individual in this position will be required to travel between the three counties (Lincoln, Gaston, and Cleveland)
  3. Phone: Working knowledge
  4. General Office Equipment: Copier, Shredder, Fax
  5. Other (specify):
    1. Glucometer, blood pressure machine, UDS, thermometer

Job Description:

General Position Description

Under general supervision, provides professional oversight to the partial hospitalization programs in Gaston and Cleveland Counties, nursing care to Gaylain’s House residents, and MAT program development/oversight. The OP Nurse Manager performs the full range of psychiatric nursing duties. Work assignments require a thorough knowledge of behavioral health practices and procedures, laws and regulations, the ability to work independently, and involves PH program oversight of therapists, counselors, and support workers.  Medication is an integral part of each of these programs, and this portion of them therefore operates at the direction of the psychiatrist.  The OP Nurse Manager functions as the liaison between the physician and these programs, ensuring that the medical and psychiatric needs of consumers are met.

Performance Expectations and Competencies:

1. This position provides nursing duties and oversight to programs within the Outpatient Units at Phoenix Counseling Center, including Gaylain’s House, PH, and MAT. The residents at Gaylain’s House are seen twice a month by the psychiatrist. The OP Nurse Manager will facilitate this process by coordinating with the on-site manager and the psychiatrist, and will follow up on any medication issues or concerns in between appointments. The Partial Hospitalization programs in Shelby and Gastonia will receive oversight from this manager to ensure that they are being implemented in a consistent and unified fashion, and that they are operating in keeping with our policies and procedures. The MAT program will be reviewed and program development will occur as indicated. The individual in this position will demonstrate the use of appropriate knowledge/skill/judgment to provide nursing care, examples of work performed include but not limited to:

a. Observes assigned consumers on a regular basis to identify, interpret, and document physical and emotional status and/or patterns, such as assaultive or suicidal behavior, and response to treatment or medication; as part of a multi-disciplinary team, assists in formulating a diagnosis and developing and implementing individualized consumer treatment plans based on observations; provides crisis intervention to those individuals experiencing acute episodes.

b. Participates in or leads individual or group counseling sessions, medication management groups, family conferences, and recreational and social therapy sessions to assist consumers in understanding the nature of emotional and physical problems, to accept the need for treatment, and to address issues such as communicable disease and family planning, nutrition, etc.; participates in departmental and team meetings to discuss consumer care and progress, shift activity, and program policies and procedures.

c. Accurately take and administer physician/NP orders. Administers psychotropic medications to consumers, monitors use, calling in medication orders to pharmacies, and documents reactions; instructs consumers on the purpose, dosage, and side effects of medication, and explains the legal process related to the consumer’s refusal to take prescribed medication.

d. In conjunction with other program team members, may obtain medical, psychiatric, social, and family histories of new admissions. Takes and records vital signs; obtains lab specimens; assists physicians with exams; schedules and arranges for special tests; develops discharge plans; maintains timely and accurate charts and logs; monitors supplies; and may draw blood.

e. Consults and coordinates with the Crisis Units about possible referrals to PH, Gaylain’s House, or MAT and may meet with clients prior to discharge as needed in order to assess their needs and the appropriateness of a referral into one of these programs, and to explain and introduce them to the service. May also coordinate with other referral sources outside of Phoenix Counseling Center as needed.

f. Aids consumers in obtaining proper medical care, during the program and/or after discharge, by identifying community agencies and resources to assist consumers with stabilization while living in the community; interacts with private medical facilities, courts, and county and State agencies to express concerns of the consumer and to discuss treatment; testifies in court as to the consumer’s mental and physical condition.

g. Fields calls from outpatient program staff regarding medication questions, concerns, or protocols and interfaces with Phoenix’s psychiatrist as indicated. Also consults with the psychiatrist regarding program admissions, discharges, or other medical needs/concerns.

2. Provides supervision to Partial Hospitalization staff.

• Meets regularly with PH staff regarding program planning, client staffing, admissions & discharges to the program, client crises, etc.
• Oversees scheduling for the program and approves staff schedules, time off, timesheets, etc.
• Reviews staff documentation as needed.
• Completes probationary and annual staff evaluations.
• Provides administrative and clinical support.

3. Shall attend assigned training and continuing education to maintain credentialing and privileging, to include, but not limited to:

• Credentialing as a Registered Nurse
• As required by NC Division of MH/DD/SA service definition and PCC Training Policy/Procedure.
• CPR & First Aid Certification

4. Shall demonstrate the ability to work/be a part of organizational and therapeutic teams, and maintain positive working relationships with consumers, community stakeholders, referral organizations, and other employees/departments of Phoenix Counseling Center, Inc. This position will work with staff and consumers at various sites, including Gaylain’s House, Gaston OP, Shelby OP, and the Crisis Units.

5. Shall develop a working knowledge of applicable organizational policy and procedure and demonstrate compliance. This shall include, but not be limited to:

• Clinical policies/procedures
• Training and professional development
• Personnel policies/procedures
• Employee Ethics/Corporate Compliance/Consumer Rights
• Service record documentation
• Confidentiality/HIPAA

6. Assure compliance with PCC’s Policy and Procedures regarding administrative and clinical record management.

• Ensure that all staff members’ documentation (such as progress notes, case management, and medication management notes) is completed in a thorough and timely manner, and that it is done in accordance with all applicable policies and standards.
• Ensure that needed policies and procedures are developed in concert with Operations staff, and that they are uniformly applied and implemented in both PH programs (such as admission and discharge processes).
• Ensure that CARF standards for PH programs are reviewed and followed.
• Coordinate peer support audits.
• Review and sign off on patient assistance and prior authorization program documentation.

7. Shall complete other duties as assigned by supervisor.

General Knowledge and Skills Required for Position:
Knowledge of: the laws and regulations pertaining to psychiatric nursing; the various methods, techniques, and procedures used in psychiatric nursing; the uses and effects of psychotropic drugs and narcotics; consumer safety practices and facility security; symptoms and behavior patterns of emotionally disturbed and mentally ill consumers; theories, principles, and techniques of group and individual psychotherapy; mental health community resources and services; the principles, practices, and laws of professional nursing; health education; common illnesses, diseases, disabilities, injuries, and nutrition.

Ability to: explain mental health laws and regulations; observe emotional and physical behavior; evaluate and assess the need for mental health services; analyze a situation and adopt a course of action; prepare and maintain medical records and reports in an accurate and timely manner; recognize and respect limits of confidential information; direct and advise other nursing staff; communicate with people of diverse socioeconomic and ethnic origins; speak before groups; exercise independent judgment in medical emergencies; demonstrate tact, diplomacy, patience, and compassion; establish and maintain working relationships with co-workers, other agencies, and organizations; comply with nursing policies, protocols, and program regulations; understand and follow oral and written instruction; work independently.

Preferred and Minimum Position Qualifications:

1. Possession of a valid Registered Nurse license with Qualified Professional status and 2 years of supervisory/managerial experience.
2. One year of experience in an acute psychiatric care or consumer community mental health facility.

Additional Job Requirements (Licenses, Certifications, Personal Vehicle, etc.):

1. May require availability during evenings and/or holidays.

Essential Equipment Routinely Used In This Position