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Available Position

Work Location: Cleveland Outpatient

FLSA Status: Exempt

Annual Salary Range:

Immediate Supervisor:

Positions Supervised: Pending

Posting Date:

Closing Date:
If no date specified, posting is continuous or until filled.

Essential Equipment Used:

  • Computer
  • copier
  • telephone
  • fax

Job Description:

Performance Expectations and Competencies

  • Establish and maintain working relationships with community agencies, businesses, churches, and governmental units, explaining and interpreting RESET’s vision, mission, and values. Be the RESET spokesperson who ensures that RESET addresses local needs and fills service gaps, while avoiding duplicated efforts through building effective partnerships
  • Analyze participants’ needs, community assets, legislation and governmental policies and programs, and evidence-based practices in the re-entry field. Constant monitoring of these factors guide the formation and updating of strategic plans and operating policies (participants’ levels of service, benefits delivered, administrative procedures, etc.) recommended by the Executive Director and established by RESET’s Board of Directors
  • Represent RESET in establishing and supporting the local Reentry Council, a community-wide leadership group for collective efforts serving formerly incarcerated persons
  • Develop and update Board-approved plan of staffing, organization, and training for RESET’s operations and ensure they are carried out consistent with RESET’s vision, mission, values
  • Prepare annual revenue and expenditure projections and provide regular financial reports for RESET’s board
  • Cultivate relationships with investors, prepare public relations materials, plan and conduct outreach activities; prepare funding proposals for Board approval
  • Recruit, select, supervise, ensure provision of appropriate training, and discharge RESET employees, contractors, and volunteers, subject to review by the RESET Board in their responsibility to ensure quality services
  • Supervise business affairs to ensure that funds are collected, records maintained accurately, timely reports provided to the RESET board and to investors, demonstrating full accountability to all RESET’s stakeholders for cost-effective operations
  • Supervise use and care of physical facilities and equipment by RESET personnel
  • Report monthly to the Board of Directors regarding RESET’s professional & financial activities
  • Perform other duties to advance the vision, mission and values of RESET as assigned by Board.

General Knowledge, Skill, and Competencies:

  • Demonstrated leadership ability with verifiable experience including at least three years as a manager or supervisor; must have some experience working with ex-offenders and their families; must work well with people of all skin colors, economic status, faiths and walks of life, regularly demonstrating listening skills, empathy, and skills for joining in common purpose; must demonstrate mature initiative & judgement, working effectively without supervision; should be skilled in crisis intervention for mental health, substance abuse and other challenges faced by reentry population; must possess excellent computer skills and client information systems experience; must demonstrate effective presentation skills

Preferred and Minimum Position Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a human services field with a minimum of 2 years experience or bachelor’s degree in a non-human services field with a minimum of 4 years experience
  • Must qualify for Qualified Professional status
  • Knowledge of National Crime Information Center investigation required.

Additional Job Requirements (Licenses, Certifications, Personal Vehicle, etc.):

  • Valid driver’s license with good driving record