Need help? 24-Hour Crisis Line: 855-5CRISIS (855-527-4747)


Phoenix Counseling Center would like to thank each and every staff for a job well done during these last several weeks. Our staff have stepped up to help our consumers in so many different ways, and we especially appreciate their dedication to their positions and the consumers we serve.

In an effort to say a special Thank You to our 24/7/365 staff who are on the front lines every day with our consumers, Phoenix staff have joined together to show their appreciation. These 24/7/365 staff are a part of our Cleveland & Gaston Crisis Units, our Mobile Crisis Team and our Gaylain’s House of Hope staff. We are naming one staff member per day as the “This is Your Day Employee”. Each staff member will be presented with a gift bag which contains some goodies as well as a gift card for a local eatery.

We are stronger together and our staff prove this over and over again.

For more information on our winners, please visit our facebook page at:

April 21 George Jackson
April 23 Angelien Massey
April 24 Meredith Leber
April 27 Steve Gaston
April 28 Debbie Phillips
April 29 Rhonda Miller
April 30 Allieta Elmore
May 1 Jordan Fernandez
May 5 Arlene Govan
May 6 Joey Lipford
May 7 Mary Lynn Lowery
May 8 Michael Kirby
May 9 Sharon Kelley
May 11 Penny Whitted
May 13 Saundra Crego
May 14 Sonya Cansler
May 15 Kari Mayhew
May 18 Jana Brooks
May 19 Dionne Stephens
May 20 Howard “Tripp” Moore
May 21 Terry Harrington
May 22 Crystal Gosnell
May 27 Andrea Roark



Our first goal is to relieve the immediate pain and trauma resulting from the crisis. The next step is to provide the ongoing support that’s needed for long-term healing or recovery.  


Wherever you are in Gaston, Lincoln or Cleveland counties, we’re ready to help. We have two Crisis & Recovery Centers, three outpatient facilities, a Mobile Crisis Team and a halfway house for women’s substance abuse.


Our Gaston and Cleveland Crisis and Recovery Centers are open 24/7/365 — and our 24-Hour Crisis Line is always available every hour, every day of the year.


At Phoenix, we believe cost should never be a barrier to getting the help you need. Our services are available on a sliding scale, which means you pay what you can afford. We also accept Medicaid and health insurance policy payments.